Monday, July 5, 2010


We dreamt of sleep and not just any sleep: one that would last a lifetime. One that would permanently send us into the darkness. Drifting, Floating...Down a river of darkness we would sail, never to return. But these are just dreams and we always seem to wake up at the wrong time, with the sunlight to punch at our skin and eyes. We awaken and set the cycle on repeat.

All photos of Katelyn taken by Amber, All photos of Amber taken by Katelyn. Styling was a collaborative effort between Katelyn & Amber.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ugga Wugga Wicca Wam

Cowgirls and Indians of the eternally black forest are constantly at war -- warring with each other while also battling the crippling rays of sunshine that decide to shoot through branches and leaves, shriveling our skin (virgin from the sun-kiss-of-death). Back into darkened wigwams and stables we retreat, hiding from the inevitable dawn of day (but still at war; always at war).

Photos of Katelyn were taken by Amber, photos of Amber were taken by Katelyn.  Styled in a collaboration between Katelyn and Amber.  All clothing & accessories are vintage.  Photos edited by Katelyn.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

When the Cat is Away...

Bored with no where to go. Prisoners of a darkened house, left to occupy our time and wait. Fearful of the outside because the sun beats down, turning our foreheads into breeding grounds for sweat and our pale skin into red burns. And then, when he returns, nothing changes. We are still bored, perhaps even more so than when we are left alone.

All styling was a collaborative effort between Katelyn and Amber. All photos of Katelyn were taken by Amber and vice versa. This week's grounds for photos was provided by Dale Grandfield and Bradford Zuercher.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You Raucous Voyeurs

We're supposed to be alone.
We always think we're alone.
We're not alone.
We're not alone.

There are others -- They are voyeurs. They are waiting to capture us - to take us further into the darkness. Perhaps it isn't so much that they are watching from afar,
but that they are dormant pieces of ourselves, waiting to take us further into the darkness than we already are.

All styling was a collaborative effort between Katelyn and Amber. Photos of Amber & Katelyn were taken by Lisa-Noël Grandfield. Photos of Amber were taken by Katelyn and vice versa.