Monday, October 24, 2011

Dia De Los Muertos

And we rose from the grave, with saturated glow and hollowed countenance from eternal rest.  Rest we do not on this day, for it is the only day that souls take substantial form -- clothed with jubilance and freedom from the tangible being.  The only being to be is not being.  The only "being" actually being half(mostly)-imagined, in our own minds and the minds of others.  With the colors that dance and vibrate behind closed eyes finally freed to roam our waking existence, we walk on in a parade of not "being" but "been."

All photos of Amber were taken by Katelyn, and all photos of Katelyn were taken by Amber.
Styling was a collaborative effort between Katelyn and Amber.
Makeup done by Katelyn.
Photoshop art and retouching done by Katelyn.

Friday, June 24, 2011

In came the heatwave

Summer sweet, summer sweat; in comes the heatwave, out go the clothes.

All pictures of Amber taken by Katelyn, all pictures of Katelyn taken by Amber.  Photoshopped/edited by Katelyn.  Styling was a collaborative effort.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

digging for bones.

dirt under our fingernails from hours of searching.
shrouded in lace and velvet.
this is our occupation amongst mangled trees:
bone collectors.
we find them,
we save them,
we venerate them.
they are, after all, never completely dead.

All photos taken & edited by Reagan Lam. Styling by Katelyn & Amber.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


"MURDER," He cried out in the night, words that cut like a bloody-tipped knife.  Murder is in the moon, full and big as the pupils that dilate when the mood is right,  the mood to annihilate like the nihilist waking inside with the lunar cycle.  We walk on...we become like the tip of a gun, poised and ready, cold-blooded and fatally facing the inevitable end.  We are one thing...or two things, we are all things (old and new things).  We become what we see, we melt into three from two.  But we only come out when the moon beckons, drawing us from sleep or deeper, in a fit of homicidal somnambulism beyond our control.

Photographs of Amber taken by Katelyn, Photographs of Katelyn taken by Amber.  Styled in a collaborative effort.  Photo manipulations photoshopped by Katelyn, edit by Katelyn.