Wednesday, June 20, 2012

hot american summer.

summer days, lazing about, trying to beat the heat.

minimal clothing - everything becomes a cut off. losing hemlines, sleeves and with that, our sanity.

under a bridge, where discarded items find their final resting place, we will rest, too. with the worms and mattresses, writhing and decomposing.

All images of Katelyn taken by Amber, all images of Amber taken by Katelyn. Styling was a collaborative effort. All post-production by Amber.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Radioactive Black Magic

This is your third eye, sixth sense;
Black and bubbling, colors saturated in a chemical glow
divine the future and illuminate a swiftly decaying past. 
The black crackle of decay,
warm and wither within the bold light of
D A Y.
So thereon forth,
forward and failing --
the deathly dimming light of day
(into the future black of night;
getting gone,
moving into a darkened bright).

All photos of Katelyn taken by Amber and all photos of Amber taken by Katelyn.  Styled collaboratively.  All editing/photo manipulation done by Katelyn.