Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ugga Wugga Wicca Wam

Cowgirls and Indians of the eternally black forest are constantly at war -- warring with each other while also battling the crippling rays of sunshine that decide to shoot through branches and leaves, shriveling our skin (virgin from the sun-kiss-of-death). Back into darkened wigwams and stables we retreat, hiding from the inevitable dawn of day (but still at war; always at war).

Photos of Katelyn were taken by Amber, photos of Amber were taken by Katelyn.  Styled in a collaboration between Katelyn and Amber.  All clothing & accessories are vintage.  Photos edited by Katelyn.


Anonymous said...

Amber, I love your dress in the second and third photos! Pretty lighting and coloring, too. Are you using a filter or editing after you're done?


KC. said...

i actually used a couple of filters -- a black and white toning one, and a "retro" color one. Then i used the history brush to saturate and desaturate certain areas, and to blend the filters together. it was a lot of trial and error!