Friday, June 24, 2011

In came the heatwave

Summer sweet, summer sweat; in comes the heatwave, out go the clothes.

All pictures of Amber taken by Katelyn, all pictures of Katelyn taken by Amber.  Photoshopped/edited by Katelyn.  Styling was a collaborative effort.


Sar Sar Binks said...

woah woah woah... you godmothers are getting a little too hot to trott!
SIKE! go on with your bad selves...i love the vibe of all these photos. whos yard is this? it looks unreal... oh- and sick styling ladies! lookin' gooood

halloween.valentine said...

would love, love, love to know where those animal print aqua blue sunglasses were picked up !!!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! You girls look freakin HOT.

KC. said...

unfortunately (or fortunately for me) those sunglasses are from a thrift store. but the (kinda messed up) tag that was still sort of on them looks like they were possibly from Forever21. And that is my yard! I blocked out the houses in photoshop so that it just looks like "tamed wilderness" instead of suburbia (for dramatic effect).