Saturday, May 1, 2010

I am relaying a message to you from the nether regions in the gray matter of YOUR BRAIN

The message is: I suggest you follow this blog. I suggest you tell all of your friends to follow this blog. Not only because our hearts are full of eternal sadness and we want lots of love from YOU (you being the internet at large), but also because we say..."OR ELSE." And you don't want to find out what THAT means... because rumor has it that we can burn a whole in your forehead with the fiery stares from our respective third eyes.

These are the edits from Katelyn.
From the softest corner in my little black heart, I present these images of your two Fairy Gothmothers, the only Fairy Gothmothers you may ever know (and be able to call your own).

All of Amber + Katelyn's accessories/clothing are vintage. Amber is wearing a bone necklace that Katelyn made from the animal bones she collects while she wanders the forest in darkness, alone.


Anonymous said...

Sweet. blog.

...and nice photos. I really like katelyn's skirt and amber's shoes.

Melanie @Unravelled Threads
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Eli said...

these are awesome! you guys look great!