Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Showing Off But Still Shut Off.

When you are constantly in darkness, you must find ways to fill the void that seems infinite. Because of this, your fairy gothmothers are women of many trades. By night, we star in a burlesque act that harkens back to the age of pin-up women, but with a much darker thread running through it. If you look hard enough, you can find us - amidst the fur and velvet lined walls and dimly lit rooms, we are there. We are there, but still, there is that infinite void.

All styling was a collaborative effort between Katelyn and Amber. Photos of Amber were taken by Katelyn, photos of Katelyn were taken by Amber. Photos of Katelyn & Amber were taken by George Schmauch of Zeitgeist Photography.


Sar Sar Binks said...

i really dig the mood and setting of these shots. not to mention the styling!

first rate mamas!

Orchid said...

wow cool...i love the styling...and the mood. am so inspired now. cheers!!!

Conor said...

katelyn your dream has come true! this is incredible!